it is hard to include legos in my life without dragons but i cam up with a solution combined the two to get lego dragon (the clash)
a new style for me days latter (my birth day) i was closing my eyes to open what i knew  was a lego gift but i did not know that it was a lego dragon! i was so happy then it got wors not that it was bad it just got wors if i were to put it on a score board the score would be legos 99 dragon 1 i stoped thinking of dragons and mad a electronic lego crane but thats not the worst of it all
then tron the movie came out in theaters and i really wanted to see it legos and dragons zip tron 1,000,000,000,000,000
legos and dragons in my mind dropped  and now i am back to normal legos,dragons, and tron all at 50.