movie ideas


hay every one its me Jeff here and i am making a movie the thing is i don't have any good ideas and i cant find time were all of my friends can come together, and i have a little secret that i want to tell just to get it out. so my cousin has this cool movie on called smml untangled, so Ive been talking to him about it, but this isn't the secret the secret is i want to be in it although i just don't have the nerve to. what should i do? and please sent me some movie requests but make sure the movie doesn't have any special effects unless its fire or muzzle effects.
4/29/2012 08:49:55 am

i think you should just ask for a small cameo part in the movie? or just make your own (maybe about a battle of the books) and the work that goes into that or maybe the kids read a new book and get caught up in the actual story (spellbinder maybe?)

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